03 Numbers are the future

03 telephone numbers are the latest range of numbers. They are in addition to present 01 and 02 numbers but they are different in that they are “ virtual numbers” and only exist inside a computer rather than being attached to a “ fixed “ line.

This gives them the unique ability of being able to be redirected in seconds to another landline or mobile number. Indispensable when moving office or in disaster recovery situations. They are also extensively used by online home workers and individuals who do not want their general location to be known.

On initial connection, an 03 number is “ pointed “ at your existing fixed line 01 or 02 number or mobile. When an 03 number is dialled, the call comes into you on your 01 or 02 line or your mobile, which lines or mobile continue to work normally.

They can also be redirect internationally. Go abroad and receive calls just as if you were still in the UK.

They provide anonymity if you do not want to publish your 01 or 02 or mobile number and also give an impression of a well established Company if you are just starting out !

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030 numbers are used only by charities, Government Departments and intentionally ( ! ) not-for-profit organisations.

033 / 034 / 037 numbers are used by everyone else.

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