International Freephone Numbers

Global can provide International Freephone Numbers ( IFN ) for most countries in the world – usually within hours.

These give the in-country caller the courtesy of a free call to the UK or indeed to another country, via the UK, and are invaluable in after-sales service and customer support.

We can also supply Universal International Freephone Numbers (UIFN ) enabling freephone calls to be made from many countries worldwide, including the UK, using the same +800 number. Nestle UK Ltd, for example, can be called internationally using just the one number, +800 0789 0789.

IBM use +800 00 426 426, ( IBM IBM on the telephone key pad ) and HSBC can be found on +800 4722 4722 ( HSBC HSBC ).

Call us on 0800 953 4050 for pricing. We will do our best to connect as memorable a number as is available. Or complete the Contact Form.