LetterDial Branded Numbers

Using the letters on your telephone keypad you can “dial “ words.

Our number is 07000 GLOBAL which is dialled as 07000 456225.

There are hundreds in daily use – such as 08000 RESCUE which is dialled as 08000 737283 – if your car breaks down.

07000 ACTORS needs no explanation as also does 0700 4 VEINS.

Similarly 0845 2 DIVORCE , 0870 CALL IBM and 0808 1ST DIRECT are self expanatory.

Not all words can dialled but give us a call on 07000 GLOBAL (456225) and we’ll try to find something suitable to your requirement.

We’ve been doing it successfully for over 20 years so if a Letterdial is available, we’ll find it for you.