UK & International Local Presence Numbers

Potential customers often prefer to deal with local companies and, if they have a choice, quite often call possible suppliers who use a local number first.

We can supply local numbers for most towns in the UK which number is then connected to your landline or mobile wherever you may be. These “ underlying “ numbers continue to operate normally.

For example, if you are based in London and want to sell into the local Glasgow area, we can give you a local Glasgow number for your advertising which rings on your London office phone when dialled.

You can have “ offices “ all over the country !

In fact, all over the world as we can also connect you with a local number in most foreign capitals and major cities which, when dialled in the particular country, rings in your UK office.

Call charges per minute vary but are not as much as you might think.

We cannot offer a choice of numbers – it’s usually the next available one.

We can usually connect a local UK number in 15 mins but allow 24 hours for international numbers. So why not complete the Contact Form or just give us a call on 0800 953 4050.